Airbnb rental prep can be darn hard work. At Hostfriend we’ve created a world where someone else sorts the nitty gritty. From bookings, cleaning and flower arranging to key exchanging, we’ll cover it all. In our world you’ll be kickin’ back and watching the cash roll in – work free, care free and hassle free.
Basically anyone wanting landlord benefits, minus the hassle.
Like a crack team of internet rental wizards we’ll have you set up and looking sexy on every site at our disposal. Your property will gain an online presence so powerful it could break the internet…if we weren’t internet rental wizards. Short answer, YES.
Currently operating out of Sydney with plans for worldwide domination.
Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch. Simple.
Key exchange is but a drop in the vast ocean of things we do. We’ll greet your guests night or day – rain or shine. We’ll show them around and get them settled. At your request we’d even read them a bedtime story.
With a squad of highly reputable cleaners behind us we’ll have your place looking like a show home. We’ll personally check the property before and after to ensure standards are met – white gloves and magnifying glasses included. Alternatively we can work harmoniously with existing cleaners.
You can rest assured that your guest will NEVER reach for the toilet roll only to find a cold and unforgiving cardboard cylinder. You can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that no one will ever be caught half way through dinner WITH NO PEPPER IN THE GRINDER. From condiments to cocktail shakers, Shampoo to snacks – you name it, we’ll make it happen.
You’ll maintain full access to your Airbnb account. You’ll receive all the emails –  the only difference being, we’ll answer them and do all the work. (Have you noticed the reoccurring theme yet?)
We prefer to communicate as ourselves – acting like someone else is actually quite hard and our thespian skills are somewhat lacking. After introducing ourselves as their on-call butler/attendant/concierge guests are happy to communicate any queries directly to us, leaving you free as a bird.
Your ratings are as important to us as they are to you. We’ll keep your info up to date with reviews and respond to queries promptly. Anything out of the ordinary will be bought to your attention.
Like ice cold lemonade on a sizzling day, or crispy bacon on a Bloody Mary. Like chocolate, unicorns or movie stars. Ridiculously appealing – that’s what we’ll make you.YES we’ll affect your rating. Giving your customers the undivided attention they deserve means increased customer happiness…meaning increased positive feedback…meaning BETTER RATINGS…meaning increased online visibility…meaning MORE customers. You do the maths.
We know stuff. This is what we do. All day. Every day. Unblinking eyes monitor the screens monitoring your monitor. Scanning the web we see vacancies filled, data analyzed and last minute cancellations rectified. We know what trends will increase the value of your property and when, and manage all your pricing updates. In short the answer is yes – we’ll increase your income AND levels of awesome.
Aside from the cleaning fee – which guests pay – we charge a percentage of the total rental income based on how many services you need. (GST excl.) This covers our management services.
Like a pack of well trained Dobermans we’ll watch over your property. Screening all guests before they complete their booking we ensure they’re verified and glowing with positive reviews. People new to Airbnb will be suitably grilled until we feel satisfied they’re not insane/dangerous/smelly. Investing in Home Sharing Liability Insurance available through www.sharecover.com is highly recommended to all property owners.
Whether a Teepee or a terraced house, a cave or a cupboard…Airbnb will love and list you. A double check of your contract and a polite word with your landlord will ensure everything’s above board.